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Discover your authentic Self.
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Be part of a transformative journey of self-discovery to nurture your mind, soul and body.

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At FreeSoulsTribe, we're on a passionate mission to unleash the incredible power within every woman. Our journey is all about helping you rediscover your authentic self and guiding you towards a life filled with deep connections and abundance. 

Our dynamic workshops, thoughtfully curated by experienced yoga, healing, and mindfulness professionals, go beyond the ordinary sessions – they're profound transformative journeys.


These immersive sessions dive deep into various self-development themes, using the magic of meditation, the energy of group intention exercises, and the power of yoga poses. 

It's a journey that aligns your body, mind, and spirit, bringing you closer to the vibrant, authentic you.

Tailored Workshops for Personal Growth

Holistic Approach to Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Experienced and Heart-Centered Teachers

What makes our Workshops unique?

Our workshops are designed to assist you in uncovering your authentic self with each session opening a path of personal growth.  Our dedicated teachers will guide you on a transformative journey, unlocking a deeper level of awareness through purposeful yoga poses designed to align and awaken your chakras.


You will partner up for intention-setting exercises that encourage you to explore your innermost thoughts, identifying and overcoming the barriers that may be hindering your path to inner peace.

As the workshop unfolds, you'll be gently led into a special meditation and relaxation practice, a serene space where you can release any lingering tensions in your body. This mindful process will elevate your mental state, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace a brighter, more empowered you.

How Our Workshops Uplift Your Life

Improve Self- Awareness

Through yoga, meditation and intention-setting exercises, you gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, and personal goals, leading to greater self-awareness.

Increase Resilience

Yoga postures inspire you to stretch your boundaries, fostering physical, emotional, and mental flexibility that equips you to handle life's unexpected twists and turns. 

Cultivate Self- Compassion

Our workshops create pathways for introspection and self-acceptance,  guiding you towards the practice of treating yourself with kindness and empathy.

Enhance Emotional Well-being

Meditation and intention-setting exercises will empower you to master your emotions and approach challenging situations with a calm, balanced mindset.

"Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down."

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